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automatic high speed HF keder welding machine
Main feature of BR20HFKW is the sysyem with a special device for keder welding. This kind of machine presents the optimal characteristics to guarantee the correct work execution and also allows a wider range of applications due to its superior high frequency (HF) and mechanical performances.
This machine equipped with specially particularized electrode by which straight and strong welding joints are guaranteed. At the same time, keder (warping of edges), is enabled by specially constructed devices. With twin track feeding and welding, this machine offers fully automatic production at speeds of upto 400 metres per hour (depending upon Keder size and weld area).
BR20HFKW has output  power from of 20kW, pneumatic press, ant-crush safety system, overload protection, touch  screen, PLC (branded and autonomely developed by Balacchi team) that controls the length, travelled distance, time and power of welding etc. All machine operating data and diagnostics available to the operator on the multi-function display screen. The material (fabric and rope) is moving along the table on special rails allowing smooth motion and exact movement/distance control. The  machine is designed for all medium size PVC films where cycle/spot or precise continuous line weld is required. Additional features can also be included to suit customer specification upon request.

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