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Cutting systems

Tools for every cutting exigency

Depending on the material, Balacchi cutting machines can be equipped with different tools, which individually or simultaneously, guarantee exceptional application versatility.
Electric Oscillating Tool

It allows the creation of high-speed cuts on a wide range of fabrics and materials. It is ideal to make straight and curved cuts, even in the case of very complex shapes and holes with very small diameter.
Electric Rotating Tool

This tool is equipped with an electronic motor and is able to handle all types of thin materials with a main focus on tissues. The action of the aspirated work surface is less effective with the tissues, but thanks to the rotating knife, minimal horizontal forces are produced, guaranteeing the stability of the material during the process.
Pneumatic Oscillating Tool

The most powerful Balacchi tool that allows you to cut hard and thick materials up to 120 mm.

Milling Tool

Suitable for processing more resistant materials with integrated suction system to keep the work surface clean.
V-Cut Tool

Tool suitable for the cutting of cardboard, for the creation of V-grooves at different angles.
Drawing Tool

It can contain a common ballpoint pen, a brush or any other type of marker, and can be used to make lines, curves, circle marks and even very complex shapes, letters or numbers to be used as a reference for the cut.
Kiss Cut Tool

It allows the precise cutting of films without damaging the support material.
Creasing Tool

A special tool for creating high quality creases on cardboard surfaces. It can accommodate creasing wheels for different applications.
Punching Tool

The punching tool is used to perforate the most varied materials at high speed, creating uniform high quality holes from 0.3 mm to 10 mm.
Inkjet Tool

It is the best choice for non-contact marking through a high speed inkjet printer.

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