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BALACCHI srl distributes triodes (or electron-tubes) all over the World giving pre and post service supports thanks to its high specialized technical staff.  We offer a range of radio frequency (RF) ceramic/metal triodes:

  • Forced Air cooling system triodes, from 3,4 to 54,7 kW output power
  • Air-Water cooling system triodes, from 30 kW to 40 kW output power
  • Water cooling system triodes, from 10 to 120 kW output power
ITL5-1 Air-cooled Triode

  • Uses a coaxial design and metal-ceramic technology
  • May operate in CW or pulse mode. For operation in pulse mode, the duty cycle is 0.25 providing the pulse width is less than 1 ms.
  • It is an air cooled triode.
  • The anode voltage is 7.2kV.
  • Output power is 13kW in CW mode, Output power is 22kW peak in pulse mode. Peak cathode current is 15A in CW mode.
  • The max anode dissipation is 6kW in air inlet at 25.
  • The max anode dissipation is 5kW in air inlet at 45.
  • The frequency up to 150MHz.

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