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  • An impulse transmitter including automatic fuse
  • Short-term sealing process that is enabled applying electronically controlled high temperature  (100-250oC) accompanied with pneumatic pressure
  • A line laser to align the fabrics during joining and 2 point lasers to mark the welding area
  • Touch screen operation panel that is easy to manage, embrace setting of welding/cooling temperature, database for automatic setting of different material and welding type, diagnosis service, maintenance notifications etc.

Material ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene, (ETFE), offers a remarkable opportunity to develop solutions that integrate modern lightness, durability, design and ecological values. ETFE can be made into lass-like sheets or inflated into ‘multi-layered’ cushions and is being used in some of the most innovative new buildings around the world. ETFE, has greatly increased in popularity as a construction material due to its versatility, light weight, tensile strength and excellent weathering properties.
That is reason why Balacchi HF has developed the series of machines for welding of ETFE material. The design of BR10ETFE welding machines involves the big C frame that gives wide space for material handling.

  • Stationary or movable (up to 15m), 10kW
  • Working welding area:  10 x 1000 mm or 10 x 800 mm
  • Working height: 100 mm; Working pressure: 200kPa
  • Pneumatic controlled upper welding bar, widespread with pneumatic cylinders and and antic crush protection device
  • Adjustable cooling system for welding bars integrated in the machine
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