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BR4 PT400 DA is suitable for repair work, small-scale manufacturing and manufacturing of products with details that require several different welding operations like welding of flexible protections, swimming pool cladding, production ofadvertising material, sunscreen canvases, medical, automotive, babyhood, inflatable and waterproof clothing industries.
Balacchi BR4 PT400 DA, can be provided by numerous facilities for the work comfort like lasers, personalised electrodes, welding rods with different shapes and motives, easy electrode changing system, lights,  wheels, ect.
BR4 PT400 double arm
Balacchi has introduced in its production program a small, middle-power machine for various applications (with power from 3 up to 6 KW), which is the best solution for performing small surface complicated welds. It is optimal for creating small surfice complicated welds as well as for mending various PVC sheets. BR4PT400, furnished with appropriate “Double Arm” electrode, is designated to carry out delicate jobs that require manipulation of materials and welding operation performed cautiously on small fabric area.
“Double Arm” electrode is particularly ergonomically adapted and dedicated to specific tasks that require intensive manipulation of materials. Its strong C contraction, good visibility and accessibility to the work area enable precise performance of welding operation. It is right chose for customers that do not have a big material surface and do not need high power. Operation is easy and intuitive.

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