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special model for Stretch Ceiling/Cinema Screen
Stretch ceilings are used in public places such as clubs, swimming pools, restaurants, halls, theatres, cinemas as well as in private lounges and residences. Stretched ceilings are practical and attractive. The  structure constructions is very strong and resistant: a stretched  ceiling of 40 m2 can hold up to 600 L of water. It is  possible due to strong and tear-resistant welds achieved my means of  high frequency welding technology.
BR3PT6000 is SPECIAL MODEL FOR STRECH CELILING adaptable also for CINEMA SCREEN production. It is movable machine equipped with specially particularized  weld/tear electrode by which straight, strong and “invisible” welding  joints are guaranteed. At the same time, keder (warping of edges), is  enabled by specially constructed devices.
BR3PT6000 has output  power from 3 to 6kW, pneumatic press, ant-crush safety system, touch  screen, PLC that controls the length, travelled distance, time and power  of welding etc. The HF machine is moving along the table on special  rails allowing smooth motion and exact movement/distance control. The  machine is designed for medium size PVC films where cycle/spot or  precise continuous line weld is required.
If the costumer finds it necessary, the  machine can be upgraded with additional length worktables for easier  film and harpoon positioning during weld cycle. It can be converted  easily into a advertising banner/billboard welder with the use of  special wide weld electrode or any other straight bar or spot HF welder.
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