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BR15 Twins double head
BR15 Twins (double head) welding machine was produced on special demand of one our customer and it is exclusive without any similar on market. This machine includes two presses that share the same high-frequency generator and unique control unit that controls both  presses.
One press is  with cutter-producing defined shapes (lifejackets, for example) while another press has welding rod and it is suitable for little-medium welds such as banners, curtains, awning, marine barriers, etc.
This machine is the right choice for those customers who are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of PVC products: instead of two machine (each one dedicated for the appropriate product group) customer can acquire ou Twins model, which is economic.

double head welding machine
Technical   performances  – BR10Twins
Power efficiency  - power from generator to electrode - 10kW
Power Input  -  Maximum power installed - 13kW
Main fuse  - 32A
Power supply (voltage) -  Three   phase, 400V ± 3%; 50Hz
Working frequency    27.125   MHz ± 0.6%
Pneumatic press drive  - 750   kg
Protection against discharge - Standard   SCR
System for hand protection - Balacchi HF Security
System Management and Control - Manual or touch screen programmable PLC
Total weight - 2000   kg    
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