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hf welders, high frequency welding machine

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BR10 PT 600/800

Stationary HF welding machine (with power from 8 up to 12 kW) possess design that is not bulky, can be put everywhere.

There is 600/800 mm of free space behind the electrode for material hosting.

It is suitable small-scale manufacturing and developing of productswith details that require several different welding procedures.

Its welding table is equipped by rounded wood and roll system to facilitate fabric sliding during the positionind and welding.

Machine is a perfect tool for support the production where precision, handicrafts and robustness are imperative.


The machine is widely used in industry of small technical covers (tent welding machines) advertising item production, signs and banners, flags, office accessories manufacturing, automotive industry, etc.
Can be provided by numerous facilities for the work comfort like lasers, personalized electrodes, easy electrode changing system, lights, additional side tables, etc
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