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Laser cutting system are nowadays commonly used for cutting/engraving different fabric and textile material. Specifically, the contactless processing with the laser beam as well as the high precision are crucial valuations for the use of laser technology in fabric/textile processing. This is a reason why the company Balacchi, having years of experience in utilization of CNC machines, offers BR-160-LS, a new line of automated CNC cutting machines.
Designed to maximize production efficiency, the LS Series Balacchi cutting CO₂ laser cutting machines are ideal for businesses working with demanding large-format cutting applications inncluding fabrics, leather, carbon-and grassfires, foams, acrylic or cardboard. Available in different workstations sizes with several power options, these laser cutters provide high-quality results at maximum speed.
  • Laser cutting/engraving machine
  • CO2 Laser
  • Water chiller for cooling
  • Marking pen
  • Device for scanning (optional)
  • Conveyor or fix table
  • Suction and air cleaninig system
  • Roll holder: 1 roll/3 rolls/6 roll
  • Work format:
    • Width 1600mm
    • Conveyor length 3000mm
    • Fix table from 3000mm
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